Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Starch Club?

A: Starch Club is a next-generation all inclusive dry cleaning, laundry and alteration service. Customers are welcome to drop off and pickup from our shop.  We focus on simplifying the chore of dry cleaning and laundry for our customers. With our mobile app you can check the status of your clothes, see your invoices and place a pickup/delivery order.  At the press of a button, your clothes is picked up, cleaned by our agents and then delivered back to you. If you would like to request a other services like alterations and shoe repair, you can also contact us.

Cleaned. Pressed. Delivered.  

Q: How does the Starch Club delivery service work?

A: You can order from either the site or mobile app.  First, log into your account and schedule a time for pick up. Gather your laundry and divide it by dry cleaning and wash and fold. Your delivery driver will meet you at the scheduled time with garment bags to collect your clothes. We will inventory your clothes at our facility and update the app with your order. Once your clothes are clean, we will notify you to schedule a time and location for delivery. You will also receive a receipt and your credit card will be charged accordingly. Your delivery driver will meet you again at the scheduled time with your clean clothes in garment bags you can keep for your next order!

Q: How long does it take to clean my clothes?

A: We'll get your renewed clothes and return it to you after 2 business days (Next day service is available with express fee +20% ).  We need ample time to process your clothes and put it through our machines.  For delivery, it depends on your schedule and the amount of clothes being cleaned. Usually, if we pick up on Monday, you can expect your clothes back Thursday.  On weekends, the facility does not operate so if we pickup on Thursday or Friday, you will get your clothes back on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.  You will be notified when your clothes is ready for delivery.

Q: What should I do to prepare for a pick-up?

A: Before dropping off garments, please check all buttons, zippers, hooks, buckles, and snaps are securely attached.  Make sure you don't have pens or lipstick in your pockets, because those are the most hazardous materials to be thrown inside the clothes drum during cleaning, because of the high potential stains appearing from those items to other clothes.  Also, be advised that some manufacturers glue sequences, beads or studs to garments; please understand that glue eventually weakens during the cleaning process.

Q: Do I have to be home to meet the driver?

A: You do not have to be home to meet the driver, but you will be responsible for the safety of your laundry. Feel free to leave your laundry on your porch, with a neighbor or door person, or anywhere else accessible to our driver. Please include this information in the “Special Instructions” on the app so our driver knows.

Q: Can I request same day service?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer same-day services for our pickup/deliveries.  If you would like to get same day dry cleaning service, you can visit our store/facility on 7th street with operating machines on-site. The policy is clothes needs to be in before 9 AM and out after 5 PM.  

Q: Do you give discounts, coupons or other specials?

A: Yes, we will give out monthly specials and extra specials for our members  To receive special promotions, you can to sign up for our email coupons or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to receive our specials. 

Q: Should I tip my delivery driver?

A: Yes – with a smile and a positive review!